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Sleep Well Sweet Heart. Summer Devotion. Tender Attention. Waiting Moon. What Past? Wine for Two.

The devotion they felt for each other was obvious. The project will require the devotion of a great deal of time and money. They spend an hour each morning at their devotions.

Try this on-the-go family devotionals this summer. Each is tied to a specific location for family fun. Take the Bible with you on your summer adventures.

For a complete copy of the devotional quarterly click here. These daily devotions are available in the Devotional Quarterly for the Summer Quarter, 2011.

These free short teen devotions were written using bible lessons taught by the Holy Spirit. They will inspire you do get closer to God.

Boy Scout Summer Camp Duty to God Program. Click here to view online devotions booklet. Below are some sample resources used by councils that have implemented the program

Many continue to enjoy these thoughts in their e-mail every weekday morning, or via the Jody's Devotionals blog. This book is a collection organized for the summer.

who have chosen to take the Summer Devotions Challenge this summer!

The devotions consisted only of two hymns from the Plymouth Collection and a short prayer, and seldom occupied more than fifteen minutes.

As part of our mission to proclaim Christ's Kingdom to Every Native American Nation, Lutheran Indian Ministries provides, free of charge, our Devotion booklets to those requesting them.

Lushpix Stock ImagesRF Royalty Free. Devotions stock photos and images. Road.

Email. Devotions with our Summer Staff. This Week: Jill Miller, Summer Program Director. Psalm 23:1-3a

which Thou has manifested unto us in Thy Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. --Bob Fiske 13 Family Life Devotions Summer, 2004 Attention!

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Author: Neufeld, Henry E; Neufeld, Jody. Note: A summer of challenging devotions for individual or group study. Now offering free U. S. shipping!

Pray with your ears open -- open to Me and My word. Enter My presence with thanksgiving.

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Find out how to sign up for the weekly email devotion at Camp Gray. Camp Gray is a catholic summer camp run by the Catholic diocese of Madison, Wisconsin.

Ready-to-print Advent Devotions are now available! Scroll down to download your copy today. Advent Devotions 2010. Resting in God's Grace. Ladies Devotion 2010. To...
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What a marvelous Summer Devotion for the Holy Souls. Many persons have by this means obtained favors which they did not...